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Where NOT to display your wedding cake

Your day has arrived and you have said your "I do's", and it's time to cut your showstopping wedding cake, one of the first joint acts as newlyweds. You cut and pose for photos, BUT, something isn't right. The photographer isn't looking happy, the guests are moving around the room to try to get the best photo. So what's wrong..........

Now some of these may seem obvious, BUT even when I warn my clients, these still happen. The venue can also too, be persuasive and tell you where the Wedding cake "normally" goes, but at the end of the day, it's totally your decision. It's your wedding after all.

Here's my guide of where NOT to display your wedding day at your chosen venue.

Think Background

Here is a list of the most common offenders that are spotted behind a wedding cake.






You wouldn't notice them at the time when you decide where your wedding cake goes, but when you get your wedding photos back, they will stick out like a sore thumb. So check the background carefully for these common offenders.

Think Floor

We've all been to that restaurant with the wobbly table. You know the one where you spend ages folding napkins to put under the offending leg! It's a skill is it not, to get the perfect napkin depth and be wobble free.

Although I carefully test each table with my spirit level, it's worth looking at the cake table and giving it a little wobble to test how sturdy it is. Wedding cake weighs more than you think and a three tiered wedding cake can weigh as much as 20kg- so check it can take the weight too.

Think Position

Where your wedding cake is positioned in the room can cause you some huge stresses. The last thing you want is your wedding cake being nudged or for you to be in constant fear that your guests will topple it. Make sure your guests tables and chairs during the wedding breakfast are a good distance away from your wedding cake display. Make sure there is good access around the cake display and not in a natural corridor or congregation spot.

Also, the one position not to place your wedding cake is in the dark corner of the room out of the way. You have just had a truly beautiful statement work of edible art made exclusively for you both and you hide it in the corner- doesn't make sense does it! Let your wedding cake shine and always liaise with your wedding cake designer to work out the best possible position.

Luxury white and bronze wedding cake with lots of natural light

Think Light

It's summer and the venue has the most gorgeous bay windows with light pouring in, your thinking the cake would look stunning standing in the centre of this window light. But no....... As much as natural light can help to enhance your cake, your wedding cake should never be in direct sunlight. Why? Cakes are made from butter and covered in chocolate, both of which melt when they get hot- a sliding wedding cake is not a good look for your wedding day.

Natural light can be too harsh and if the light comes from behind your wedding cake, all that exquisite detailing and handcrafted floral work will be lost. Notice the photos below. Both of these photos are taken in the same venue at the same time. The one on the left has the window and light directly behind it- notice the flowers have lost colour and it looks dark. The one on the right, the cake was twisted around so that the natural light fell across the cake- doesn't it make such a difference? Don't the flowers and colours look soooo much better?

I hope you have found this a useful read and it is now making you think about where your wedding cake will be situated at your chosen venue.

Do save this blog for when you are planning your wedding cake table and remember to check the area and table carefully.

Best wishes

Claire x

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