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How to cut your Wedding Cake like a PRO

Your officially married, the speeches are done, the food eaten and just before you share your first dance the last formal moment of your wedding arrives- cutting your beautiful wedding cake.

Heart pounding as the guests gather around the two of you welding a knife. Both of you slightly apprehensive that the cake will topple over as soon as you cut. Nervous is a understatement.

So here is a wedding cake cutting guide to make the cake cutting moment one a relaxed and fun experience which you will never forget.

What do I use to cut the wedding cake?

Make sure that the knife you use is a cake knife as the serrated blade will cut into the cake beautifully. My couples can opt to include a stunning cake knife serving set that is engraved with their names and wedding date on for a gorgeous keepsake.

Wedding Cake Knife set

Which tier do I cut?

Ideally you need to cut the bottom tier of your wedding cake or as low down the cake as possible. You may have a dummy tier at the bottom so make sure you cut the next edible tier above. In some cases you may have a secret slice of cake hidden within your dummy tier which will be clearly marked by your cake designer- make sure you cut this section.

How do we hold the knife?

Before you hold the knife, you need to get into position. Make sure you are standing one in front of the other.

Then, hold the knife together by placing one hand on top of the other. Before you make your cut, make sure you get a quick photo of you standing by your special moment Cake. This is one of the most treasured wedding photos that is kept and framed. My cake cutting photo is the only wedding photo still up in our house, proudly on display.

Next, push firmly down together about an inch and smile again for everyone to take lots and lots of photos. Don't use a sawing motion as this will make a mess of the cake and potentially spill crumbs on your dress.

Lastly, once the flashing photography stops and you are ready, push the knife all the way to the bottom of the cake.

Can we feed each other some wedding cake?

Absolutely. This is your day so go nuts. Make another cut near your first one and cut again all the way to the bottom of the cake. Either using your cake server, or your hands if you are desperate for cake, push the server underneath the slice and lift on a diagonal. BUT, be careful, your cake is sitting on a cake card, so make sure the cake server is pushed underneath the cake, but on top of the cake card.

At this point, it's your wedding, who will you feed the cake to first? Yourself or your cake cutting partner?

Let me know in the comments and happy cake cutting

Best wishes

Claire xx

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