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Should I have Sugar flowers or Fresh flowers on my Wedding Cake?

Both sugar and fresh flowers make your wedding cake look beautifully elegant and they create a harmonious feel across your wedding. Let’s have a look at both the positives and negative’s to help you make a decision for your wedding cake.

Fresh Flowers


  • Cheaper as not time consuming to make.

  • Continuation through your florals and wedding cake.

  • Natural beauty and aromas


  • Some popular flowers and foliage are not deemed food safe and cannot be inserted into or placed onto your cake.

  • Fresh flowers must be ORGANIC and free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals, which will make them a more expensive and limited choice.

  • Your favourite flower may not be in season

  • Fresh flowers can wilt as they are no longer in water.

Sugar Flowers


  • Food safe

  • More flexibility and variety on colour of flowers

  • Won’t wilt

  • Can be kept for years as a memento of your special day.

  • Works of art


  • More expensive as very labour extensive.

  • They are fragile so you must remind your venue to take care when they remove them so you can preserve them.

Whats the best option of flowers for me?

Really it’s up to you and what your budget allows for. There is no easy answer and it depends which type you have your heart set on. I have had many a couple choose me to make their wedding cake because of my sugar flowers.

As someone who loves making sugar flowers you know what my vote would be, but equally I do love to play with fresh flowers. Let me know which type of flowers you would choose on your wedding cake in the comments below.

Best wishes

Claire xx

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