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3 Reasons for having a Dessert Table at your Wedding

Dessert tables are becoming more popular with couples as a dessert option or evening centrepiece for their wedding guests. Here are a few reasons why.

They are a exquisite centre piece that will impress your guests.

Imagine walking into the wedding breakfast and across the room is the most elegant display of drool worthy edible delights and in the centre is your statement Wedding Cake. Elegantly styled to match your wedding theme and colour palette, your dessert table will be one that really impresses your guests. Every guest will be guaranteed to walk over, point excitedly, discuss and inspect all the delicious treats. There will be giggles and planning on which ones they are going to try first, discussing which exact one they want to try and how many. Food we consume with our eyes first and when the dessert table looks so elegant and styled, you and your guests will be positively hungry.

Elegant statement wedding cake with dessert table

There is something for everyone- who needs just one dessert when you can choose from seven?

Oh my goodness yes- let's face it- we all love a sweet treat or two or three or seven. Offering your guests a variety of elegant dessert table items will make them feel extra special and like kids in a candy shop. That feeling you get when the treats all look soooo tempting and you can actually choose them for yourself. Would you opt for the chocolate dessert items, the caramels, the cookies, the dessert pots...... ooooh decisions decisions.

They can be used as wedding favours.

Long gone are the days of the pink and white sugar almonds and nowadays the possibilities of wedding favours are endless. How wonderful would it be for your guests to choose the perfect edible treat as a wedding flavour? We all know edible wedding favours tend to be the most popular with guests and when your dessert table looks so elegant, your guests will have a hard choice of which item to choose. The wedding favours can be eaten straight away, so less packaging and a win win for the environment and your guests.

If you have any questions about dessert tables then do pop a question in the comments and I'll be happy to help.

Best wishes

Claire xx

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